Towershare is strategically linked to the following companies:

Reon is the Renewable Energy division of Dawood Lawrencepur Limited (DLL). They provides effective, efficient and above all high quality energy solutions. Reon mainly specializes in Solar and Biogas solutions along with providing state of the art equipment and pick off the shelf energy solutions for consumers.

Relacom is the leading independent on site service provider in outsourcing and field services across the country. They are involved in solar projects, power, HR, construction and managed services. In Pakistan, relacom has worked with all major telecom operators and vendors and have undertaken network deployment in every province in the country.

Qowisio is a French company specializing in low-cost, low-energy consumption wireless networks to connect devices. With an international presence in 29 countries located throughout Africa, Middle East and Europe, Qowisio is a significant player in the area of remote monitoring and energy management, offering a worldwide network of low-bandwidth services that focused primarily on the telecom industry.