Towershare, a Middle Eastern’s Tower Company…

new pic khurram

Towershare appoints new Group CFO, Khuram

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Towershare hosts industry dinner in Barcelona

head office

Towershare inaugurates new Head office in DIFC

NOC Room

Towershare launches 24×7 NOC services to better serve its customers


Representatives from Towershare and Qowisio announced a strategic relationship to facilitate.


Towershare on the challenges and opportunities in Pakistan. Towershare is using its experience..


In April 2014, Islamabad took a giant leap forward by auctioning the mobile spectrum for third-generation (3G) and 4G technologies. This April, the..


The breakthrough under discussion is the recent deal between Warid Telecom and Towershare a leading operator of wireless communications


TowerShare’s appetite for towers in MENA and Southern Asia The criticality of local knowledge and local relationships in tapping a diverse range of…