Towershare Announces Strategic Relationship with Qowisio

by administrator / Monday, 28 December 2015 / Published in News

Representatives from Towershare and Qowisio announced a strategic relationship to facilitate the implementation of an internet-based communication platform to receive and monitor data and analytics related to the performance of cellular towers operated by Towershare.

Towershare is a leading independent owner and operator of wireless communications infrastructure focusing primarily on markets in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia. Currently the largest independent tower sharing company operating in Pakistan, Towershare provides solutions to cellular network operators through the sharing of passive, RAN and core technologies.

Qowisio is a French company specializing in low-cost, low-energy consumption wireless networks to connect devices. With an international presence in 29 countries located throughout Africa, Middle East and Europe, Qowisio deals with the area of  remote monitoring and energy management, offering a worldwide network of low-bandwidth services that focused primarily on the telecom industry.

This transaction is key to our growth plans and commitment to remaining the leading tower company in the region. The ability to remotely access and collect data regarding the operation of each tower site and react in real time to any alarms is extremely important to consistently meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations on availability. – Jonas Thessén, CTO Towershare

Designed as a seamless evolution, the platform and associated tools provided by Qowisio are critical components of Towershare’s network operations center (NOC) and the related services the company provides to its customers.

We have successfully completed the implementation and testing of the initial Qowisio products and are running the remote monitoring system (RMS) from our NOC to monitor our sites on a 24/7/365 basis. – Håkan Assarsson, Director Operations Towershare


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